PS5 Jailbreak Download 22.01-05.02.00

Playstation 5 Jailbreak

We’re here to introduce to you the first ever jailbreak on the PS5 that’s being released for free. Most websites on the internet try to sell the jailbreak files for a big amount of money. Our website relies on advertisements, we don’t ask for any donations. You may already know us from the PS3 & PS4 Jailbreaks which was a great succes (and still is!). We’re still getting lots of visitors on those consoles which are kind of getting outdated.

Since a lot of people have been asking us to look into the PS5, today is the day we’re going to release a working jailbreak. You only need to have a USB stick to download the jailbroken firmware version on. The way you jailbreak your PS3 & PS4 is almost identical to the PS5.

Why jailbreak your PS5?

There are many advantages on jailbreaking your console. We will be looking at some of the major advantages and also disadvantages. We know there is a very small chance you’ll get banned for using the jailbreak, but we have to give you a warning that it might happen. As of today we haven’t heard of anyone that has been banned because of this which is great considering hundreds of people have been using the jailbreak. Our test panel has been testing the jailbreak for months, all problems should be solved and it works smooth on the latest firmware update.

The major advantage to consider jailbreaking your console is you can play all games for free. You will have access to a special library where you can download all games for free.

Jailbreak tutorial

The jailbreak is currently in a very early stage but we decided to release it already to the public. We’re going to tell you in a few steps how you can jailbreak your PS5 with our jailbreak. The guide is currently pretty short but we’ll update it in a later stage.

PS5 Jailbreak tutorial

  1. Download the jailbreak file, you can download it by clicking on the button below.

    Download PS3 Jailbreak with Mediafire
    (File last updated on: 26th May 2024)

  2. Extract the PS5UPDATE.pup file to your desktop by using Winrar.

    For this step you’ll need to have Winrar or any other extracting program downloaded. We highly recommend using Winrar. Don’t have Winrar yet? Click here to download.

  3. In your USB, create a folder called “PS5”.

  4. In the “PS5” folder you just created, create another folder called “UPDATE”.

  5. Place the PS5UPDATE.pup file in the UPDATE folder.

  6. Plug the USB in your PS5 and go to Settings > System Software Update and than click update from USB device.

    If you don’t see this start the PS5 in safe mode.

  7. Let your PS5 do the work and your console will be jailbroken.