Console Jailbreak – Jailbreak your PS3, PS4 & PS5


We warmly welcome you to, the best FREE PS3, PS4 & PS5 jailbreak website on the internet. Finally you don’t have to watch more spammy YouTube videos which most of the time don’t even work. Stop wasting more time (or even money) on finding a way to jailbreak your console, you’re at the right address here. Get your USB stick out of your pocket and start jailbreaking your PlayStation right away!

We have a small team of developers, they will make sure everything is up-to-date and bug free. You can always contact us when there’s a problem with the jailbreak, we’ll be glad to help you. Because our jailbreak downgrades your firmware first, you can simply revert the jailbreak by installing the latest released firmware. Why would you choose our website over others?

  • Everything is free of charge, don’t worry about getting scammed.
  • It’s really easy to do with the instructions we provide.
  • Instead of jailbreaking the current firmware your PlayStation will get downgraded to a lower firmware first. So, like I’ve already mentioned it’s really easy to revert the jailbreak no one will ever see your PlayStation was jailbroken and you will not risk your warranty by doing it this way.
  • You don’t have to waste your money on services like PlayStation Stealth simply because those features are already built-in.

The jailbreak will work on both new firmwares, the current PlayStation firmwares are:

PlayStation 3: 4.89

PlayStation 4: 9.51

PlayStation 5: 22.01-05.02.00

Before being able to jailbreak your PlayStation you’ll have to check if your console is compatible with the jailbreak. To check if your console is compatible click here. If your console isn’t listed and the jailbreak works for you please contact us so we can add it to our list.